Book Review: From Cleopatra to Hugo: History’s Most Legendary Love Affairs (Book 1) by A.G. Mogan

From Cleopatra to Hugo: History’s Most Legendary Love Affairs (Book 1) by A.G. Mogan is an historical non-fiction, depicting the lives and loves of some of history’s more notable romances. One cannot help but see, as one reads about monarchies of fame, writers of great repute, or other figures through history, the tragedy of their romantic engagements, some of them less than ethical, while others were on a par with Romeo and Juliet. It’s a fascinating read, a look back in time at the lives of well-known figures and those who oribited their world. Through these narratives it becomes abundantly apparent that true love shared the same innate and timeless quality of quintessential loyalty – often to the grave. Some, as you will see, could hardly be called “romances” considering their debauchery and shameless affairs, nonetheless, they do qualify as “affairs of passion”. It’s an interesting read and certainly one that fills gaps in our historical perspective of people who shaped our world. These are not the stories you were taught in history class in school – and yet, they provide another dimension to these figures – rendering them more human than iconic celebrities.

Book review by Writers Inspiring Change




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