Book Review: Dun an Doras Bytheiad, by Gemma Tarr

Dun an Doras Bytheiad, by Gemma Tarr, the third in this fantasy/horror series, is laced with a good dash of frightful and repulsive imagery, as well as plenty of witty and humorous dialogue. The combination is a good balance, and one does not detract from the other whatsoever. The characters in this story are a band of humans, or not, with a twist. Some are werewolves, some trolls, some speak to the dead, travel to other dimensions, and some are shapeshifters. This is a story that seriously pushes the edge of one’s imagination. The author’s presentation of her characters, the lives they lead, and the way they integrate within the human realm, makes it seem almost plausible. In this story, people start disappearing in a park in Wales, at the maws of a terrible creature (no spoilers). This thing conjures up ugly nightmarish images that are haunting, and the author pulls no punches on letting the reader delve in its episodes (of which there are many) where it goes on a killing spree. The merry band of misfits above are forced to come together and use their special talents to hunt down this creature and end its feasting – but they soon discover that they are dealing with something that even in their world, is beyond anything they have ever faced before. A ghoulish bizarre and creepy thrill ride to the very end.

Review by Writers Inspiring Change



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