Feature Book Review: Caramel: Part 1, by Haji Outlaw

Caramel: Part 1, by Haji Outlaw, is a dystopian sci-fi novel. The story opens with the appearance of a young woman, reminiscent of some Marvel-comic action figure, who suddenly, unexpectedly, demonstrates lethal fighting skills as she ruthlessly annihilates a small gang of men who offer up more ego and brawn than brains. As the story goes forward, the deadly, yet mysterious lady, who comes to be called Caramel, further exemplifies her craft of warfare unlike any before her. In an after-Earth period, where war and other blights have reduced mankind to a sub-culture of survivalists, the author takes the reader deeper into the dystopia, where people are used as mere objects for killing and casual entertainment by the wealthy “elite”, a sort of grimy and degraded Roman arena of blood and death-lust for those with money but who have entirely abandoned their humanity. In this bizarre theater, genetic mutants, animals, feast on people, and, well … like I said, throw in a Marvel comic fighting hero, some mutant rabbits, the corrupt wealthy-elite, and a few good men fighting to make a difference, and you are pitched into a world that isn’t entirely beyond imagination, one that reeks of and echoes some aspects of our own.



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