Feature Book Review: The Ghost, by H. Berkeley Rourke

The Ghost, by H. Berkeley Rourke, is a police investigatory crime-novel. A serial rapist is on the loose on the campus of Scalian University. His taste for sexual assaults culminates in murder, and when the first body of a young university student shows up, the dominos start to fall. Corrupt campus police and University officials desperately try to outrun the train of bad publicity using cover-up and lies, but one investigator with local city police sees through their smokescreen and gets on the hunt. The trail doesn’t stop there, as a string of more brutal assaults and deaths follow. The rapist, emboldened by his attacks and his ability to remain undetected, announces himself to a local journalist as The Ghost, and through this contact, he taunts and teases the police. Much of the dialogue and events are about the trail of Sherlocking that gets done. There are no fast “CSI” discoveries, just good- old-fashioned police work. As to the outcome and whether The Ghost remains a ghost, you’ll just have to read the book to find out.


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