Feature Book: The Ghost – by H. Berkeley Rourke

“The story is written in a formal manner, although no punches are pulled as you are drawn into the action and investigation. We follow Jeanne, a tough young cop with a no-nonsense approach, and her colleagues as they cast their net, looking for a rapist, turned killer.”

“This is an intriguing book and the author did an amazing job with a subject that is a bit taboo… This story is well written and gives different aspects to not only the crimes, but to the investigation. The author knows his stuff and this story could easily have been one ripped from the headlines.”

“Amazing from start to finish this book keeps you reading . I couldn’t put it down until I finished the entire book.”

“Ghost is,quite simply a tour de force, the author’s piece de la resitance. He has created a superb page turner, that carries the reader along on a tidal wave of non-stop action…”

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