Book Review: Fifth Column by Christopher McGarry


Fifth Column by Christopher McGarry, is a dystopian thriller, set in the not too distant future. In the wake of Brexit, Britain’s divorce from the European Union, the escalation of EU’s attempt to strengthen and fortify its borders as an entity, leads to a dictatorial state with Brussels as its head, and the formation of EU Military forces designed not only to patrol the EU, but forces which also cross the English Channel and attempt to rein in Britain, Scotland and Ireland too. The IRA comes back to life, as do other rebel insurgents, all of them working more or less together to repel the European troops who are mostly conscripted Syrians and other immigrants. The story is told from the perspective of just a handful of insurgents fighting for their freedom. It is an uphill battle, as the populace has been stripped of its rights to weapons, facing a well-armed military force with make-shift bombs and guns which have been secretly shipped in from America and Russia. This is a dystopian world, but not necessarily an unreal one. The book makes one reflect on a radical perspective of what could happen in the wake of Brexit, with Britain left to its own devices and the United States having distanced itself from the EU under its own dictatorial leadership, one intent on repelling all foreign intrusions to its own borders. It is a world divided, one were globalism has been rapidly replaced by dictatorial nationalism not only in the EU, but in the West and in Russia and elsewhere. In this dog-eat-dog existence, these handful of people refuse to give up the fight, no matter the sacrifices, while most others simply concede to a life of quiet desperation in the hopes that they can continue in servitude without getting in the cross hairs of the conflict.

Book review by Writers Inspiring Change



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