Feature Book: The Anatomy of Escape, by Michael Blue

Another Feature Book presented by Writers Inspiring Change

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What are readers saying about this book …

“Not only is this a tremendously entertaining book, rich in adventures, hilarious encounters, and thoughtful philosophy as experienced by a mobile hobo, this is a challenge to us to examine how we are living.”

“While I could never imagine living the vagabond life he seems to so readily embrace, I’m firmly appreciative of many of the life lessons that I picked up from “The Anatomy of Escape” and there are a few that stuck out for me.”

“Between the chapters of storytelling his adventures through the jungles of Sumatra and all the wonderful people, and excitement he encounters along the way, Blue does a nice job of weaving in his assessment of the true values in life, how to reduce the destruction of our planet’s natural resources, how to live happily minus the obesity of lust for material things, and possibly, most importantly, just letting go and living one’s dream.”

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