Book Feature: Witches’ Gambit: Book One of the Seven Worlds, by Charles Freedom Long

“I have read all three books in this series and this one is definitely my favorite. Aidan is a fabulous main character. She’s strong, intelligent, and heroic without the usual arrogance of that type of character. Michael and Bill are the perfect side characters, both interesting and likable. I confess, Bill is my favorite character in the book, even more than Aidan. I recommend this book wholeheartedly. You will not regret the read!!”

“This is an excellent tale, one which puts the human race on trial, showing the good, the bad and the very ugly, and to the last page, one wonders how these three ambassadors can possibly avert what seems to be the inevitable. More than science fiction – Witches’ Gambit is a preview of where our world is heading if fundamentalist religion and corrupt politicians continue to divide the human race into illusory camps; and corporate greed continues to fuel a military establishment, a world where fear dominates and where logic, love and science have taken the backseat.”

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