Review: Hitler’s Escape by C.A. Hewitson


Hitler’s Escape, by C.A. Hewitson, is a short story rendering about a possible “what-if” scenario. What if Hitler faked his suicide, and with his beloved Eva Braun at his side, was secreted off to Argentina to live out the remainder of his life hidden away on an Argentinian estate? Hitler’s Escape poses an interesting narrative, told from Hitler’s perspective, with some very odd twists and turns, nothing you might expect or even predict. No doubt, many people felt cheated by news of Hitler’s supposed suicide at the end of World War II, a man who should have been flagrantly paraded in front of the world and held accountable for his heinous crimes against humanity. Fictional or not, Hitler’s Escape suggests another possibility, and it might put a smile on your face. It’s an entertaining read and it shows that karma eventually finds even the worst of monsters. Recommended read.

Review by Writers Inspiring Change