Review: The Anatomy of Escape: An Unconventional Adventure, by Michael Blue


The Anatomy of Escape: An Unconventional Adventure, by Michael Blue, is exactly what the title suggests. Blue, a successful man in the business world, educated, obviously talented considering his success, finds that the cog-wheel-existence of mediocrity, the dream-life offered in his home-country of Australia, just isn’t cutting it for him. Tired of the obesity of society, the over-rated consumerism and love-affair with materialism, Blue begins a journey to find a new life. After many attempts, each time returning home to find his footing again and refuel his resources, the author heads out on what will become a successful escape. One might think that the author’s story is about escapism, but in fact, it is not. His search for a minimalistic lifestyle, where happiness is based on having enough, not excess, is quite eye-opening. Between the chapters of storytelling his adventures through the jungles of Sumatra and all the wonderful people, and excitement he encounters along the way, Blue does a nice job of weaving in his assessment of the true values in life, how to reduce the destruction of our planet’s natural resources, how to live happily minus the lust for material things, and possibly, most importantly, just letting go and living one’s dream. A fun book, but one with a relavent message too.

Review by Writers Inspiring Change


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