New release: Witches’ Gambit: Book One of the Seven Worlds, by Charles Freedom Long

Charles Freedom Long 3

We asked author, Charles Freedom Long, to tell us about his recently published book, Witches’ Gambit: Book One of the Seven Worlds

When I began writing the Seven Worlds Series, eight years ago, I had no idea it was going to become what it is. I was beset with voices in my head, visions of alien worlds, beings who came in waking and sleeping dreams telling me what to read and write. I can remember some of them vividly. One in particular–the razor-sharp witted, model-thin woman with the cigarette in one hand and Martini glass in the other, who always left me wanting a drink and a smoke after she departed. There were others, less spectacular, but no less effective. And extra-ordinary occurrences. I would find my hand moving to a particular book in my library, opening almost by itself to a particular page, to discover the answer to a question one of the voices posed just the day or night before. It was, let us say, a bit unnerving. As a trained psychologist, I knew what we tended to do to people who claimed to hear voices. But I was intrigued to the point of near-obsession. Seeking answers to what was happening to me, and why, I poured through books on psychology and Spiritualism. It was at that point that I “found” Judith Rochester, PhD in Philosophy, beginning a weekly class at Lily Dale, the world’s largest center for Spiritualism. Eight years on, she has opened new horizons in my awareness, and awakened the medium in me. I have learned to communicate on a daily, ongoing basis, to dance with the dead. And so, I felt fully capable to return to the beginning of the series, and tell this story.


Never mind the publication date, this is Book One of the Seven Worlds Series, where it all begins, when Earth was threatened with extinction, and three brave humans attempted the dangerous quantum intrusion to face the Council of the Seven Worlds. Aidan Ray, successful attorney—and psychic—secretly communes with the dead in a fascist Christian society that would call her “witch” and wipe her mind. Earth is split into separate warring theocracies who want to dominate the planet. They are on the verge of expanding their conflict into outer space. Michael Good, an executive who likes to live dangerously, leads a secret insurgency in Aidan’s home state. Fate places them together. And together, they must face a crisis that could destroy the Earth. A mediating alien, concerned about the future of their shared universe, has come to Earth. His galaxy is on the verge of making a preemptive strike against Earth, to prevent the spread of a diseased specimen that may have to be exterminated before it infects other worlds—a species that resolves its problems by murdering each other—humans. He ponders if Earth is worth saving? And asks Aidan and Michael to plead humanity’s case to the Council of the Seven Worlds, before the Earth is destroyed. But to do that, they must brave the hazardous passage to another galaxy from which they may never return. Or have anything to return to.

Author, Charles Freedom Long



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