Review: Aim for Justice by Ken Dickson


Aim for Justice by Ken Dickson, is a brutal memoir about a man who is misdiagnosed with mental issues, wrongly medicated, and who suffers in ways that turns a decent and good life into a true nightmare. There are several messages one could get from this story, the details of which are sometimes difficult to face, the unpalatable circumstances of his treatment and abuse – first that the the “mental health” practioners are quick to make diagnoses and dole out life-altering drugs, apparently they believe that drugging someone to death will save them. Secondly, that the pursuit of truth, one’s own truth, and staying true to that star, will eventually get you there. The author’s story will challenge your sense of credibility, it will plague you with nightmarish images and make you question the “sanity” of the system that apparently is entrusted to bring sanity back to the insane, and it will certainly inspire you to ride out rocky seas to the port on the other side. I’m not going to sugar up this story – it’s a tough pill to swallow. Take a strong cup of coffee and dive in – because folks, his story is a reality that I have no doubt many others have also endured at the hands of mental-health practitioners, and who have not fared as well in the end.

Review by Writers Inspiring Change





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