Review: The Vagabond King by James Campion Conway


The Vagabond King by James Campion Conway, is a captivating story, beautifully told, filled with metaphors enough to taunt any imagination, and sadly enchanting. Chris, a teenage boy on the cusp of adulthood, loses his mother to cancer. Life suddenly fades from bright shades of hope and sky-high dreams, to gray clouds and moroseness as he finds himself losing perspective and asking questions about his existence, God and the nature of who he is. Confused – he becomes more and more distanced from his father, school and the regimens of his daily lifestyle. Chris eventually finds solace in a stranger, a woman named Magda, a woman who would go on to change his life in ways he could never imagine. The Vagabond King is gritty, it’s real-life, it’s got tangible pain and one often feels the emotional solitude that haunts and permeates Chris’ life, leaving him floating in a sea of confusion, like a ship drifting at sea. So many ponderable questions are posed, some are answered, others are left proding at one like small pins in one’s mind. The question that draws the reader through this story is, will Chris find the answers and the closure he so desperately seeks. An excellent read.

Review by author Réal Laplaine




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