Review: Everything We Lose: A Civil War Novel of Hope, Courage and Redemption, by Annette Oppenlander.


Everything We Lose: A Civil War Novel of Hope, Courage and Redemption, by Annette Oppenlander.
Annette does it again! I had the pleasure of reviewing her novel, Surviving the Fatherland last year, which went on to become a best seller, and now, this new novel is yet another masterpiece of storytelling. Everything We Lose is a brutal rendering about the lives of two boys, Adam and Tip, a friendship forged near the beginning of America’s civil war. Adam, the son of a poor white farmer who went off to war to fight against slavery, and Tip, an Afro-American slave on a nearby rich estate, are caught in the midst of America’s hateful racism. In an attempt to defend Tip from brutality at the hands of his “owners”, Adam is forced to flee his home and eventually joins the Union to fight against slavery, following in his father’s footsteps. Meanwhile, Tip yearns for freedom and sets off on his own harrowing journey to find it. The two stories are extremely moving, gut-wrenching at times, and the lucidity of its descriptions and the scenario of war over the principles of equality and justice are weaved throughout the book in a way that reminds us that such base motives as hatred and racism have no place in a true democracy. Just when you think there is light at the end of the tunnel, when relief is in sight, the author casts you back into the murk, but there is always the one constant which these two friends refuse to let go of – hope! An excellent read with an excellent message.

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