Book review: Dun an Doras: Gurduk (Book 2) by G. Tarr

Dun and Doras

Dun an Doras: Gurduk (Book 2) by G. Tarr. London becomes the focal point for a paranormal invasion in this intelligently written book. A brutal killer is taking the lives of women in some bizarre and sinister plan to create the perfect bride from the souls of history’s most powerful women; Jack the Ripper’s soul is stalking the streets again; something big is coming, something evil, and Branna, Ged, Ben and others, all of them but one, creatures of a different sort who are inhabiting human bodies, are alerted to the approaching menace. With little more than a trail of disappearing women, freakish murders, ghoulish events and a shared-sense of impending disaster, this group of strange bedfellows, monsters and demons themselves, must find a way to work together and use their powers before the evil-reincarnate takes power. Dun an Doras: Gurduk, is filled with wonderfully witty dialogue, and while there are scenes of blood and gore and some brutality to satiate the appetites of horror-lovers, one cannot help but giggle and smile through some of the back-room conversations as they try, awkwardly and certainly without plan or orchestration, to get to the bottom of the malevolence now descending over the city.

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