Book review: Seventeen, by Suzanne Lowe

Seventeen Cover

Seventeen, by Suzanne Lowe, is a post-apocalyptic story about a virus which spreads into Australia, rapidly killing off the adult population, and leaving the youths and children to fend for themselves in a deteriorating world. The story revolves around two sisters who are forced to rely on their wits and mutual support, to endure the rapid decline of the world they once knew, as deaths pile up, as the societal infrastructure starts to crumble, and as fear sets in. At times, it feels like one is reading a carefree story about two sisters who are making the best of their circumstances, and then suddenly, the brutality shatters their illusion, as they begin to realize they are not safe – but then again, where is safe when the virus itself starts to prey on even those in the upper teens, transforming them from normal to unpredictably aggressive, even brutally violent. This a story that shows us where principles play their role, even when no one is around to enforce them, where human decency becomes paramount when chaos abounds. If you like a dark post-apocalyptic tale, with a touch of Lord of the Flies theme, this one will entertain you.

Review by author Réal Laplaine