Book review: The Halloween Parade (Monstacademy Book 1) by Matt Beighton

The Halloween Parade


The Halloween Parade (Monstacademy Book 1) by Matt Beighton, is a delightful story for youngsters (and oldsters) about a young girl’s plight, Trixie Grimble, who is sent to a boarding school against her will. Not exactly a normal school either –  Monroe’s School for the Different (Monstacademey). The school is full of Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Banshees etc. and as the story goes, it turns out Trixie is the first ordinary person to attend the school. At first, she is scared and nervous but eventually, as the story unfolds, she makes friends. It is a fun filled adventure full of surprises. An enjoyable read.

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change