Book Review: What Haunts Me: Ghost Killer Book 1, by Margaret Millmore

What Haunts Me

What Haunts Me: Ghost Killer Book 1, by Margaret Millmore, differs from the usual book about the haunts of demons and ghosts victimizing people; this story is about a man who finds himself suddenly seeing apparitions, and moreover, discovering that he has the ability to make them disappear and save others from the hands of unconscionable spirits. The protagonist sets himself on a journey to find out why this is suddenly happening to him, only to discover that his “ability” as a ghost killer, runs in the family. Written in first person, one is constantly seeing the perspective of the ghost killer himself, and while there is a thread of mystery that draws the reader along to the end, the story is quite flippant and cavalier in its approach to taking out the haunting demons. It’s an interesting insight into a paranormal ability, an inherited one, certainly not wanted, and yet, one that the main character must reconcile if he is to live his life with any sense of normality.

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change


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