Book Review: Changes – Buckland Gap 2, by Charles Wiltshire

Buckland Gap 2

Changes – Buckland Gap 2, by Charles Wiltshire, is the sequel to the book Buckland Gap.  Steven Harding, a former resident of Portsmouth, England, returns home after finishing a lengthy prison term. During his internment he has become a reformed man, with new values in life and the realization that he is also gay. Steven returns to a community where everyone, his family included, are consumed by hatred and racism, who depend on drugs, alcohol, criminality and hand-outs to exist. Steven sets his sights on a new and better life, but finds himself constantly assaulted by the old one, as the very sub-culture of Portsmouth itself tries to lure him back into the old ways. The author presents a rather bleak picture of life for the sub-strata of people living in Portsmouth, where crime and violence are the norm, not the exception – but also an eye-opening one. Steven must swim against the murky tides of a rank and dehumanizing existence, where the final outcome, the inevitable end to its road, is but one – misery, addiction and an early death. The question is, can he succeed?

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change




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