Book Review: The Bucktown Babies by Janine R. Pestel

The Bucktown Babies

The Bucktown Babies – Father Gunter, Demon Hunter Book 1, by Janine R. Pestel, is a horror-genre read. Demonic forces have descended upon a small town and babies are dying in numbers which captures the attention of Johann Gunter, aka Father Gunter, a demon hunter who makes it his business to track down malignant spirits who are haunting and killing off newborns. Written in a spartan yet detailed manner, the author takes the reader through the doleful task of following the trail of dead bodies as he seeks-out evidence of who, in this small town, is feasting on the lives of children. Although a horror-genre, it is not repulsive, even if the object of the demon’s lust are babies. The author leaves enough breadcrumbs along the way for the reader to try and figure out, along with Father Gunter, who and what he is facing, and when the final showdown occurs, one is prepared mentally and emotionally for the battle.  This is the first of a series novel, so it should be fun to follow the demon hunter in his adventures.  Book Review by International Writers Inspiring Change




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