Book Review: The Fifth Battalion by Michael Priv

The Fifth Battalion

The Fifth Battalion, by Michael Priv, is a unique science fiction thriller, a novel that combines the thrills of science fiction space opera, along with the existential – an insight into the spiritual roots of humanity. Norman, the main character in the novel, discovers that he was once part of a battalion which ended up being condemned to an eternity of imprisonment, the forever dead sentence. Now, with his eyes opened to his past, present and inevitable future, Norman sets out to locate his battalion commander, a man who is being sought after by the prison guards, those guarding Earth, because he represents a threat to them and is setting people free from their sentence. This is a high-octane, high-action, deadly race, with more than plenty of killing and lethal confrontations. The prize is freedom, and failure means remaining prisoners forever. This is good sci-fi with a dose of insightful elucidation, maybe even, who knows, a wake-up call! Good reading.  Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change