Book Review: Sons of the American Fatherland, by H. Berkeley Rourke

Sons of the American Fatherland

Sons of the American Fatherland, by H. Berkeley Rourke, is more contemporary realism, than contemporary fiction. A book, written in documentary style, which tells the story of Jonas, an American-born son of a proud loyalist to the Third Reich and Hitler’s Nazi movement. Jonas is taught to regard Jews and people of color as sub-human, anyone who is not Aryan and pure. By the age of 20 he is involved in neo-Nazi and white supremacist violence, and over the course of the following years, he builds his group, Sons of the American Fatherland, into a hate group which unleashes brutal and senseless killings around the nation, designed to incite hate and a civil war between those it targets. This is a dark read, filled with violence, revealing the ugly and inhumane aspect of those who objectify and regard other human beings as less than themselves. It reminds us that even though the Third Reich died in World War II, its message of hate and discrimination and inhumanity is still with us today, threaded in the weave of our culture. Humbly, the author prefaces the story, saying that it does not reflect his views whatsoever, and that it was not a book he enjoyed writing, but the necessity to spotlight the issue prevailed. Sons of the American Fatherland reminds us of the need to remain focused on what truly matters in the world, our humanity and treating people with equality and respect – because in the end, no one, except the most decrepit and sick  individuals, would want to be a neo-Nazi like “Jonas”. Steel yourself for a shocking read – one which certainly reflects no part of the “American dream”.

Review by author Réal Laplaine





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