Author Spotlight: H. Berkeley Rourke, author of Sons of the American Fatherland

H. Berkeley Rourke

IWIC: Tell us about yourself…
Berkeley: My birth occurred in Douglas, Arizona. My early years my parents were in several places in Arizona and California, including San Francisco and Los Angeles. By age 6, I lived in Parker, Arizona where I spent the rest of my years of growing up. After serving in the U.S. Army and Air Force I received a Bachelor’s Degree from then Arizona State College at Flagstaff, took a job teaching history and math in a Junior High School in Flagstaff, and finished an M.A. there as well. My education was completed at the University of Arizona where I received a Juris Doctor Degree. I practiced law publicly and privately for some thirty odd years, retired and began to write.
IWIC: What prompted you to write?
Berkeley: Some had told me in earlier years I had a story telling gift insofar as characters were concerned. There were stories in my head resonating from my experiences in life which led me to the keyboard when I finally had time to write on a full time basis.
IWIC: Is there a message in your writing?
Berkeley: In some of them there are messages. In my book titled The Ghost I tried to show the reader the devastating effects of cover ups of rapes and sexual assaults on campuses throughout our country. In my book 2024 I tried to issue a thinly veiled warning about the “militia groups” which have sprung up all over the country and what they would do, potentially, in a time of great crisis. In my book titled Sons of the American Fatherland I have tried to portray Nazis in this country for what they truly are, murderers and traitors. In my book titled Tsunami, A Love Story, I tried to give a view on the issue of gun control which was not normally seen. So yes, in some of the books there was a message.

Sons of the American FatherlandIWIC: Tell us about your book.
Berkeley: Sons of the American Fatherland is a story detailing the rise of a Nazi group in Idaho, a group led by a megalomaniac who sees murder as a means to create chaos in this country. He sees murders with a message as a means to create a racial war in the nation, with the Nazis stepping into a government destroyed by strife. It chillingly describes his attacks on people, his preparations to conduct a battle versus the government and leaves the reader with the frightening potential for several other cells forming to carry on his work.







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