Book Review: Expect Greatness, by John Hawkins

Expect Greatness

Expect Greatness, by John Hawkins, provides some excellent and pragmatic principles for use in excelling in life. In as much as it is motivating to read, the book is not a motivational presentation, so much as a textbook or manual on how to approach life and reach one’s potential. Hawkins starts off with some very powerful dissections of the process of living, introducing The Four Levels of Life, leading up to greatness. This excerpt is just one of many powerful ones: “… greatness is not defined by your success but by the success of the people around you.”   Other golden rules such as developing one’s creed, establishing the Why for one’s life, short versus long-term goals, and so much more, talk to one on a practical and real level and can be used by anyone. The author provides plenty of anecdotes, real-life examples, to illustrate the principles he presents. This is book you can read in a couple hours, and if you’re interested in advancing your life, achieving more than just “survival” or “success” according to mediocrity (money), and you want to reach for more, your potential, even greatness, then read the book.

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change




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