What is International Writers Inspiring Change?


The International Writers Inspiring Change, (IWIC) was formed in 2016 to spotlight the inspiration of authors from around the globe. Our concept was about putting authors into the spotlight, whether veterans of the trade or new upstarts, it was our goal to expose them and their books to more readers.

We offer authors a FREE book review because we know the value of good feedback, both in terms of popularizing a book, and in fueling the inspiration of the author. We post all reviews to our websites, to Amazon.com and to Goodreads.com – at no cost.

J.C. Briggs spotlightWe also offer the Author Spotlight Promotion, an exclusive interview with the author which we permanently post to our sites and which we spread throughout our social media to thousands of people. We charge a nominal fee for this service.

Success in the book publishing world today is generally measured by certain markers – such as sales, royalties and other recognition or awards. Another sign of success today is  measured by volume of free downloads, which authors can offer through various mediums.

As we see it, success as an author is less often about luck than it is simply about steadily building a platform, a readership. It requires persistence, personal motivation and belief in oneself.  When Homer wrote the Odyssey over 2500 years ago, or Cervantes wrote Don Quixote, or even when Dante penned Inferno centuries back, these classical authors were not cheered on by publishing houses, advertising campaigns or social media, nor did they have the incredible value of the internet in easily reaching out to readers globally. Their popularity grew, reader-to-reader, and their books are still inspiring us today.

Why are we called International Writers Inspiring Change? IWIC is not a membership organization, we simply want to tell the back story about you, the author, why you write, what inspired you and what message you are trying to get across to the world. Our Author Spotlight Promotion is a unique interview which gives authors a chance to tell another side of the story – their story. Although writers hold no monopoly on inspiration, they do, and they have throughout time, been a source of inspiration to civilization – so it is our purpose to help spread that inspiration so that they can continue to inspire greatness in us.


International Writers Inspiring Change


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