Author Spotlight: Shameka “Meme” Green, author of – Beauty From Ashes

Shameka Green 2

IWIC: Tell us about you!
Shameka: My name is Shameka “Meme” Green. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I’m currently working as Marriage & Family Therapist and business owner of Emma’s House Inc.
IWIC: Tell us about your writing
Shameka: I decided to share my memoir to inspire others to overcome their pain. My story details how I overcame obstacles such as my father being murdered, my mother being incarcerated, enduring sexual abuse as a child, being raped, and victim of domestic violence.
IWIC: What message or inspiration are you trying to convey?
Shameka: The message is turning pain into purpose. No matter what we have dealt with in the past we can dictate our future. The book is about strength.

Beauty from Ashes - Detroit Raised Me, God Saved Me


IWIC: Tell us about your book
Shameka: My book, Beauty From Ashes, started out as a journal for healing, until I let a co-worker read it. She suggested that I write it as a book, and considering that I was seeing many therapy clients who were having a hard time overcoming their own pain, the book was a means of reaching out and inspiring people to see through their pain and to let it strengthen them in making a better future.
Author website
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