Book Review: Practical Tips to Live or Travel in China, by Ani Right

Practical Tips to Live or Travel in China

Practical Tips to Live or Travel in China, by Ani Right, is a very easy-to-use manual on how to negotiate one’s way in China. Imagine, you are standing in the center of Beijing, the signs are in Chinese, most of the people don’t speak your language, so how do you get a taxi, how do you pay the driver – cash or card, are you supposed to tip in restaurants, if someone invites you to a social gathering how are you expected to respond, and should you decide to give a gift to your host or Chinese business partner, what are the do’s and don’ts and in fact, what will definitely offend them? These and so many other practical matters are answered in this book. In fact, the author provides detailed information about what trains to take, the costs and what sites are provided. She provides tips on top hotels and less expensive ones too. She includes points of vigilance, what kind of scammers to watch for and what to do if you encounter difficulties. Suddenly, your trip is not a mystery, or even a worry, but a pleasure, because this little guide book helps pave the way. If you’re planning a trip to China, grab the book, it can only help.

Book Review by International Writers Inspiring Change





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