Book Review: Unbridled Commentary … Without Flinch, by Kaye A. Peters

Unbridled CommentaryUnbridled Commentary … Without Flinch, by Kaye A. Peters, is the kind of read that reminds us that entirely new chapters can be started at any time in our journey, opening doors to vibrant life, new horizons and renewed drive. The author, a “woman of years in the “middle” of her life, as she puts it, provides insights about what motivated her and her affirmation of self-power, self-love and self-confidence as principal factors in achieving new thresholds. One cannot help but smile at some of the passages in this short, yet dynamically written book.  There are plenty of little gems to be found, such as: “In the past 27 years, I have begun to take myself seriously. I dare to look at myself, and excavate deep within toward my authenticity. I’m uncovering a woman who layered herself beneath fears and untruths.” A recommended read for anyone who thinks that with age comes a dwindling of dynamic of life.


Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change





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