Book Review of The Grid Warrior by KC Martin


The Grid Warrior by KC Martin, is a science fiction fantasy, that casts the reader into the future, in 2031, when the world of digital games is reaching new highs. In The Grid Warrior, Paul, a programmer and gamer who lives in England, has developed a way to integrate himself into the very matrix of the the computer gaming world, and while leaving his body behind in his apartment in England, he explores this new, ultra virtual reality world, with its complex levels of gaming skills, fighting bizarre and powerful creatures, meeting other warriors and battling to the death, and learning, in an existential sense, all about this new dimension. Unfortunately, the owners of the internet game have learned of Paul’s discovery and interloping and consider him a threat to their monopoly on the game, and they set out to stop him. On both levels, in the real world in England, and within the matrix of the game itself, Paul and his associates who helped him in his development, are now being hunted down and killed. For gamers this story will visualize a dimension from another perspective. For others, it is a science fiction suspense which stretches the world of virtual reality to a whole new level – and with an ending you don’t really anticipate.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change




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