Book review: Living on Earth: A Guide to help you achieve Health, Happiness and Success

Living on Earth

Living on Earth, by Roser Segarra, is an incredibly enlightening and eye-opening book about life, spirituality, self-healing and how to be healthy, happy and successful. This is not a motivational book or a seven-step program to become happy and rich. Clearly, the author has spent considerable time and research, putting together a compendium of salient and fundamental life-principles, which she presents in an easy-to-read manner, and very relatable too. It would seem impossible to read just the first half of this book without experiencing some personal insight or sudden “oh my god” reaction. Segarra presents the fundamentals in a very pragmatic way, taking the reader through the spiritual principles, the mind and then the body and its healing and care – in effect, the triangle of life as we know it, Spirit, Mind and Body. This is more than recommended reading. Every person who wants to better understand themselves, the nature of life, and how to be happy and successful should have this book as priority reading. We gave it five stars!

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change



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