Book review: California Bound by Frank Kelso and John O’Melveny Woods

california bound

California Bound, by Frank Kelso and John O’Melveny Woods, is simply great western story-telling. California Bound is gritty, tough and ruthless – the sort of Clint Eastwood style of action in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and yet, with the panache, flippant and flirtatious flamboyance of saddle-riding, gun-shooting cowboys who smile at danger and wink at death at every turn. The detail, the authenticity of the vernacular, the humorous dialogue and the touch of classic, “save the damsel in distress” – makes it an all-round good story to hang onto into the late hours of the night. Like Louis L’Amour, who drew the line in the sand, between the white hats and the bad hats, California Bound doesn’t pull any punches when the life and death confrontations occur. The two main characters, Jeb and Zach, are like Robert Redford and Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, only they are more remorseless when it comes to taking out the bad guys and when the blood and guts pour out, the authors have not spared the reader the vivid descriptions. Overall, a fun and entertaining read – true classic western-style stuff. We gave it five stars.

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change



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