August 24

The Most Inspiring Author Award



Each year, at International Writers Inspiring Change, we bestow the MOST INSPIRING AUTHOR AWARD to authors of each literary genre in books which we have reviewed for that year. The judges are voting now. Results will soon be published and winners will be announced. The candidates for 2017 are as follows:

John’s Pond by Donna Lynch
Testosterone Poisoning by Carole McKee
My Soul belongs to You by CL Hunter
Closer Together by Juliet C.B. Aharoni

Romance & Paranormal
Damaged Waters: Shadows by Night by Remy Blue
Blessed Curse by Nancy Sartor
Isabella’s Heart by Diane Merrill Wigginton
Angelina’s Secret by Diane Merrill Wigginton
Olivia’s Promise by Diane Merrill Wigginton

Historical fiction & War
Surviving the Fatherland by Annette Oppenlander
The Lost Generation by Erica Marie Hogan
Nadia – Book One: Poland by Lois Gerber
Tethered Angel by Tina Brown
The Last Road Home by Danny Johnson
Betrayed by Carole McEntee-Taylor

My Journey through War and Peace by Melissa Burch
Quilt of Souls by Phyllis Lawson
Me Myself and Eye by Cynthia L. De Boer

The Galapagos Agenda by Leonardo Wild
Crosscurrents by William Beck
Catskinner by Ross Clarke
A Farmhouse in the Rain by Joe Kilgore
Buckland Gap by Charles Wiltshire
The Diary of Harri Foxx by Sue Lloyd

Science Fiction
Alvar’s Spear by Charles Freedom Long
2064: A Warning by Russell Warnberg
Antioch by Gregory Ness

Things that go bump in the Night by Wilson Jackson

The Consumption Cleanse by Mike Blue
Travel as Transformation by Gregory V. Diehl

Fantasy/Young Adult
Evin by A.S. Crowder
Three Crowns and the Dream Sofa by Liliane Broberg
The Oarsman by Zubin Mathai
No Child Left Behind by Claudia Casser
It Takes Only One by M.J. Harden

The Posse by Frank Kelso

Spirituality in the 21st Century by Frank P. Daversa
Extinguishing the Light by B. Alan Bourgeois
Dead but not Gone: Are you part of the Soul-Bridge to guide them home by Toby Evans

Children’s books
Fearne Fairy by Sarah Hill