Book Review: The Galapagos Agenda by Leonardo Wild: “A sweeping geopolitical thriller!”

The Galapagos Agenda book review spot

The Galapagos Agenda, by Leonardo Wild, is a sweeping geopolitical thriller that takes the reader on an intrigue of murder, corporate greed and political power-plays. Max Villalobos, son of the billionaire and corporate tycoon, Roy Villalobos, has a different vector in mind for his life, one that goes entirely against the plans that his father has for him. Max is enjoying a cruise with his new-found girlfriend, when he is suddenly kidnapped and watches as their boat explodes in a ball of flames – and with it, his girlfriend. What ensues is a well-written story, as Max tries to unravel the plot, why he was kidnapped by his own father, why his girlfriend was murdered, and the trail leads him to more death, a secret treasure, a plot to start an international war, and so much more. Leonardo Wild has a very nice flair in his style. Writing with detail and immense imagery, it is hard not to feel everything that his character, Max, endures. Diving down into the depths of the ocean by the Galapagos Islands, where much of the story takes place, the sense of ominous silence and crushing water above one, to the near-death encounter with a hammerhead shark – all of it speaks of his ability to capture the reader in the scenes depicted.  Additionally, the author presents compelling and insightful dialogue, presenting the distortion of truth, “facts” and historical renderings about events that have happened in recent history, providing a more accurate perspective about how such events are not accidental, but rather, the result of carefully crafted agendas, controlled and manipulated by both corporate oligarchies and political interests. This is a great book for a movie-rendering. It has everything.

Review by author Réal Laplaine


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