Book Review: Olivia’s Promise, by Diane Merrill Wigginton. The 3rd book in the Jeweled Dagger series. Pre-order now!


Olivias Promise book review spot

Olivia’s Promise by Diane Merrill Wigginton, is yet another awesome book by this author. I read it very quickly – it was like eating good ice cream, I enjoyed it that much. This is book 3 in the Jeweled Dagger historical romance series. My great grandmother was from Ireland and she had a special gift so it made this story more real to me. Olivia, the main character in the book, also has such a gift, one which comes with intense emotions and hard choices to be made. Her sister, Coco, has a different gift, but the girls work well together to find the truth. It is a complicated journey from Ireland to New York City and finally to an estate in the southern part of the USA. I love this family, the characters are so complex and wonderful.
Olivia’s best friend suddenly goes missing and Olivia finds herself facing pure evil for the first time as she ventures into the dimensions of the supernatural and abnormal. The story is intense, emotional and also humorous in parts. These books have made me laugh-out-loud because they paralleled certain situations among my own family members.
Olivia’s Promise is an excellent read, very hard to put down. I gave it Five Stars!

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