Book Spotlight: “John’s Pond” by Donna Lynch. “A contemporary historical and romance fiction”

Johns Pond book spot

The year is 1976: Tobin Horvarth, and his people, the Wampanoag tribe of Massachusetts, are involved in a legal suit wherein they are trying to win back land swindled from them two hundred years prior. One day during the trial, Tobin is captivated by a beautiful white girl seated across the room. She becomes the subject of his dreams until they finally meet. Their relationship develops amid controversy and prejudice on both sides. When Tobin decides to honor the last wishes of his dead uncle, he and Laurie embark on an adventure to Wyoming that cements their love further. Meanwhile, Laurie’s friends shun her while Tobin is never far from the one-sided accusations of the local police. Their love is challenged by the fear and prejudice of others, especially Laurie’s mother, until one day Laurie discovers a long-hidden secret.
A wonderful portrayal of young romance and the human condition that takes place in a time not so long ago. Their relationship and their painful lessons are the stuff of timelessness and hope.