Book Review: “The Lost Generation” by Erica Marie Hogan. “A WWI historical romance – Inspiring!”


The Lost Generation book review spot

The Lost Generation, a book by Erica Marie Hogan, starts before the beginning of World War I and continues until around the 1980’s. It is a story about the effects of war on people, and the emotional journeys of three families and how they are connected even though they are from different lands. It is a special glimpse into the hearts of these people, their struggles, pain and joy, the peace that comes from closure and their faith. This story was an emotional ride for me as the reader. I was engaged to my husband when he went to Vietnam as a Marine, and the parallels were very impacting on me as I read the book. It is so real I had to stop myself at times from praying for the families in the book, as if I had met and known them personally. The author’s perception of what it was like during and after
World War I is quite amazing. As I read the pages I shed tears and experienced the horrors of that war and the pain it caused. It is a story that shows the resiliency of men and women, their amazing love, determination and courage; and it has an exceptional ending. A wonderful and inspiring read.

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change

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