Book Review: “Blessed Curse” by Nancy Sartor. “A gripping thriller with a twist…”

Blessed Curse book review spot

“An engrossing tale of love and friendship and the fight against evil. The Six are friends and they share a very unique challenge that is on the spooky side. United by a special connection since early childhood they all come together to help one of their own. This story was not my normal subject matter but it was so interesting and gripping that I read more than half of it in the first read – and the story had me totally hooked. It is well written and suspenseful. The Six are connected to one another in a special way, not dissimilar to the bond shared by identical twins. The main character in this story has suffered abuse as a child and connects to an unearthly presence while dealing with the threat to herself and her unborn child. If you like the unusual and being on the edge of your seat, holding your breath until you finish the book, then you will enjoy this one.”

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change

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