Book Spotlight: “The Lost Generation” by Erica Marie Hogan. “A Novel of World War I”

The Lost GenerationThe Lost Generation: A Novel of World War I, is a journey of three couples from three countries who never would’ve met if not for the war, how they change each others lives and what they witnessed as soldiers in the trenches, nurses in the field hospitals, and wives left home to wait and pray. I wrote The Lost Generation because I was deeply touched by the great tragedy of World War I. The loss of nearly an entire generation of men and women in what became known as The Great War breaks my heart. It was suggested to me that, one day, no one would remember The Lost Generation of 1914, and I didn’t want that to happen. So I created a story and characters I hoped would remind people how much was taken from the families of that generation, so their sacrifice would live on in us and keep the memories of the men who fought for us alive.

– Erica Marie Hogan, author.



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