Author Spotlight: Leonardo Wild, author of The Galapagos Agenda. “A Paradigm Shift Thriller novel”

International Writers Inspiring Change: Tell us about yourself.

Leonardo: My name is Leonardo Wild, and when people ask me where I come from, I usually say, “Planet Earth.” My grandfather on my father’s side emigrated to Ecuador in 1936 before the European pre-WWII depression. He was Swiss. My father was born in Ecuador and my mother was German, but I was born in the US when they went to study there, thinking they wouldn’t have any kids. They moved to South America (first Colombia, then Ecuador) soon after, so I grew up multicultural and multilingual.
IWIC: What prompted you to become a writer?
Leonardo: Our house was always full of books. When I was twelve, soon after my parents started an alternative education for my little brother (Montessori, among other methods), they told me that if I didn’t want to school I didn’t have to. But I was supposed to do various things, one of them write one page a day of whatever. I went back to school voluntarily when I was fourteen, spent two years there, and dropped out again in spite of my good grades, and began writing in earnest. I read tons. I dreamed of adventures. So I wrote about them, but not long after I was writing about my adventures, including them in my “fictional” stories.
IWIC: What do readers like about your writing?
Leonardo: The vividness of the locations, the complexity of my characters, and the content, which I try to make entertaining, and go beyond just entertainment.
IWIC: Is there a message weaved into your writing?
Leonardo: More than a message, an exploration into our humanity and into the systems that take that humanity away from us. One day I realized that I’ve lived things that not many people have, and that some of them included “paradigm shifts” which for me were normal. So I created a series that I’m working on now in a new sub-genre which I created, called “Paradigm Shift Thrillers.” Stories where not only the main characters go through their character arc, but readers as well, coming to understand a facet of society and life they probably hadn’t been aware of before. Big subjects that include politics, banking, money, health, education … but high-concept, believe it or not, is usually simple to understand once you get the right perspective.
IWIC: What is it that you want to inspire in others or change in the world through your writing?
Leonardo: Writing is like opening windows into worlds readers can most times not experience. First of all, I think that through fiction (though I also write non-fiction) I can reach people who otherwise wouldn’t bother or don’t have the time to dwell into subjects that are foreign to their lives. Before they know it, they are experiencing and understanding matters they probably had never thought of before. (The word “novel” means, after all, something new.) I strive to do this in a way where every book is different and addresses different issues than the others I write. In other words, if you have read one, you haven’t read them all.

The Galapagos AgendaIWIC: Tell us about your most recent book and why you wrote it?
Leonardo: I have various works in progress (also screenplays), but the most recent one is part of my Paradigm Shift Thriller series, where I address the issues I mention above. The first two — The Galapagos Agenda and The Galapagos Treasure, one dealing with the profile of people in positions of power, the other with the “value” and the legalized fraud of banking— are ready and I hope to get a publisher for them soon, someone who gets what I am doing and can be very excited to help me spread them throughout the world. The victims of the systems that “support” our society are many, yet we may not even realize it. Understanding what is going on is the first step towards freedom and empowerment. Who said this can’t be gripping?

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