Our feature Book Spotlight on “Blessed Curse” by Nancy Sartor – a suspense thriller!

Blessed Curse Cover


Blessed Curse, by Nancy Sartor, is a mystery and suspense thriller.

Deeply scarred from her childhood, Jorie Wainright has pledged to remain childless. Fate intervenes, and she finds herself pregnant. Immediately, powerful otherworldly presences threaten the baby’s survival. Believing herself unfit to raise any child and knowing the child’s father, Logan Mathis, the love of her life, will raise it with love, she accepts that the child’s birth will jeopardize their future together. Yet, she fights to save her unborn. With a psychic connection forged in a mountain mist on the edge of the rational world, Jorie, Logan and four childhood friends battle supernatural forces intent on destroying them and the innocent unborn.

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