Book Review: “Evin” by A.S. Crowder, is an action-filled urban fantasy into another realm.


Book Review EVIN

Evin, by A.S. Crowder, is an urban fantasy, filled with action, sinister wraiths, magical daggers and mysterious portals – where good versus bad in a deadly conflict for survival. For readers of young-adult urban fantasy, this is a good read, well-written and with characters you really come to like. The story centers around Eva, a college student who starts dreaming about a strange place, a forest called Evin, a mystical realm guarded by spirits and a giant black panther named Naezel. She soon discovers from her “dreams” and discussions with the panther, that she has been living lifetime after lifetime, repeating the cycle of life and death in an attempt to save the Forest of Evin from a growing evil. This time, however, in her reincarnated life, Eva must win or the Forest of Evin will fall into sinister hands and be no more. This adventure ramps up quickly as Eva takes on her task once again, reluctantly at first, and travels between worlds, and with her team of unusual co-crusaders who have joined her along the way, they go up against deadly wraiths, strange creatures and an enemy who is more powerful than anyone even knew. This is classic good-versus-bad. The author does a nice job of integrating the concept of past lives and reincarnation, a cycle of life that goes on and on, while weaving the plot and keeping the reader going to the end of their journey to find out what happens. We gave it four stars!

Editorial review by International Writers Inspiring Change

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