IWIC Book Review: Three Crowns and the Dream Sofa, “A playful and entertaining sci-fi fantasy…”




Book Review Three Crowns and the Dream Sofa


Three Crowns and the Dream Sofa, a fantasy sci-fi by Liliane Broberg, is a playful and entertaining read. Put together elements of Alice in Wonderland, King Arthur and a touch of Shrek – mix them all up in a magical story about three hopelessly incompetent kings, a jealous sister, a Book of Prophecies, the Bearer, and ultimately the magical Dream Sofa, and you have a fantasy which carries its own. The character development in this book is nicely done. The author doesn’t overdo it, but she does create each of the players so that their identity stands out. The story takes the reader into the world of three brothers who are the rulers of the Kingdom of Viz, but who in fact are mere mantelpieces, figureheads and who are wasting away the riches of the land while doing nothing to effectively rule it, and heading it toward ultimate disaster. Their sister, Princess Experalda, is determined to dethrone the three and take charge. Meanwhile, an old prophecy is exhumed, about the Dream Sofa which disappeared years before, and in order to find it, they must first find the Bearer, the one who can interpret the Book of Prophecies.  This is a worthwhile and fun story to read, one which demands the upcoming sequel in order to find out the fate of the three ruling bumpkins, the jealous sister, and moreover, the magical Dream Sofa and its role in restoring the Kingdom of Viz to its glory.

Editorial review provided by International Writers Inspiring Change

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