IWIC Book Review of “2064 A Warning” by Russell Warnberg – “A dystopian wake-up call…”



What happens to the once most powerful nation in the world when it loses its values? When democracy is replaced by ideology? When freedom is redefined under the constraints of a controlling and centralized government? When the metrics for a good citizen are based on conformity and being politically correct? “2064 A Warning”, depicts a counter-pastoral picture of the “American dream” as it devolves over the next few decades – a story that reminds us of that timeless message in Orwell’s “1984” and Huxley’s “Brave New World”.  In this quick and easy read, the author takes us to a gray and dismal time, 2064, when America has been reduced to a quasi penal-colony, where wrong is right, where being a good citizen means that one is a quiet and acquiescent citizen, where people who dissent or do not toe the line suddenly disappear, where houses stand vacant and neighborhoods once bright with families and life, are mere tombstones – reminders of a great civilization that once existed. The story revolves around Robert and Celia, living alone, who soon come together in marriage and discover that they have the same values and the same questions about the society they live in, and together they begin a dangerous journey to find the truth and to pull back the curtain. Although dystopian in nature, one can hardly discard the brutal reality that given the wrong turn of events, the nation that was once a beacon for freedom and democracy in the world, could become a mere shadow of the icon it once represented. We recommend this book, not only for its entertainment value, but also because it paints the picture and it poses the questions which people should be asking – because if Rome and so many great empires in the past also faded into oblivion, why not America?

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