IWIC Book Spotlight on Testosterone Poisoning Book 1-3 – a suspenseful romance trilogy by Carole McKee

Kindle Cover 1-3 (3)

Complete Trilogy!
Who has Testosterone Poisoning?

Book 1 “It’s What You Do.”
After breaking up with Derek Atwood, Kyla Stanford meets the man of her dreams. Storm Galloway is the most gorgeous man she has ever seen, and Storm can’t take his eyes off of Kyla. They are so right for each other, and they could not be happier. Derek sees them together, walking through a park, and he becomes enraged. She lied. She cheated and she lied. Derek believes this in his warped mind, and Kyla must pay for her lies and infidelity–Derek will see to it. He hatches a plan to take her where nobody will find her, and he fixes it so her new lover will not even look for her. Kyla’s friends are frantic. They know something is not right. Will Storm see through Derek’s plan? Can Storm save her? Will he be on time? And who is poisoned by testosterone? Is there an antidote for testosterone poisoning? This is Book 1 of the series.
Book 2 “Come Back to Me, Love.”
Storm and Kyla Galloway are happily married with two adorable, bright children–a son and a daughter. Soon there will be a third. Kyla continues her work as a photographer and Storm remains an undercover narcotics detective with the County Special Forces, For more than five years he and his partner, Donnie have been lucky. With lots of drug busts under their belt, they have remained healthy and safe…UNTIL NOW. Could this be the end? Will Kyla ever see Storm again? Kyla and the unborn baby are in danger. Who will save them?
Book 3 “As Long as You Still Breathe.”
Storm is recovering from his injuries from the explosion. Back from the dead, he quits the County Police Force and is planning a new endeavor. Storm and Kyla’s new baby, David, (born on that terrible night of crime) is introduced to his two older siblings when they return from their long vacation in Florida. It is a fun trip, planned and carried out by their grandparents, the wealthy Stanford’s; but they can’t wait get home to meet their little brother. Their life returns to normal as they enjoy family outings and home life. But Storm’s past comes back to haunt the happy family with another disaster. Is there a happily-ever-after for Storm and Kyla?

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