IWIC Book Review: BETRAYED – by Carole McEntee-Taylor, “A WWII historical romance thriller with twists, turns and intrigue!”


betrayed cover

BETRAYED – an historical WWII romance thriller by Carole McEntee-Taylor, is a story that grips you, with lots of twists and turns and intrigue. A lucid and brutal rendering about the horrors of war, racism and hatred where the only light that truly shines is the humanity and love of those who refuse to compromise who they are. BETRAYED takes the reader to Berlin, 1935, as Germany is steeped in Nazism and the hatred toward Jews is growing by the day. Sabine, born of a Catholic and well-placed family, loses her best friend, Rachel, to a serial killer who brutally rapes and kills her. From there, the story takes the reader on an intricate and convoluted multi-level plot-line, as Sabine falls in love with a man of Jewish heritage and soon finds herself pregnant with his child. Surrounded by Hitler’s henchmen, Nazi and Gestapo enforcers who are rounding up Jews and sending them to camps and where anyone siding with or helping a Jew can and will be treated as a criminal, Sabine must find a way to survive, while her Jewish lover, Ari, is forced to flee the country. The author takes the reader down many roads, interlocking the lives of those connected with Sabine, whether Jew, Nazi or her own family, and is filled with lucid depictions of life in a cruel and inhumane society where anyone can die or be labeled a traitor to the Nazi regime – and where loyalty is replaced by ideology. Besides the entertainment value the book provides, BETRAYED is a statement about the remorseless cruelty of war, one which reminds us that any war, anywhere, is insanity by definition. This is a book for readers of intrigue, war, historical fiction and romance.

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