IWIC Book Review of NADIA: POLAND (Book 1) – “A gut wrenching historical WWII romance that is haunting.”


NADID: POLAND, by author Lois Gerber is a gut wrenching historical WWII romance that is haunting. Set in Poland, as the Nazi invasion takes place, we follow the story of a young girl, Nadia, who lives just outside Warsaw. As the war advances, she begins to witness the horrors of the inhumanity against the Jews, the internment of Jewish Poles in “The Ghetto” and eventually, the mass genocide which ensues. The young girl soon finds herself caring for a young Jew, a resistance fighter who is terribly ill and she falls in love with him. But the war steals him away, and as the years pass, the young girl, now inflamed by the inhumanity and cruelty of the Nazis joins the local resistance and engages in daring missions. Throughout this incredibly well-told story, one that lucidly details life in war-torn Poland, the travails of existence, the challenges of merely eating or having clothes or fresh water, and the constant mantle of fear and terror that the Polish people lived under during Nazi occupation, Nadia demonstrates all the true merits of great humanity, constantly putting herself in the face of danger, as does her own family, to help Jews and resistance fighters. The story (no spoilers) crescendos beautifully, a real page-turner, as the resistance fighters, Nadia included, go up against the Nazi’s and in the end, even when the war comes to an end, Nadia and the rest of the Polish people must face the brutal reality that the world has largely abandoned Poland, leaving the country in the hands of an even more cruel master than the Nazis – Communist Russia. This is an historical rendering, so utterly real, brutal and gut wrenching that it will make you writhe at times – but it is also a celebration of the human soul and the power of love which threads its way throughout all the gore, death and sordid affairs that war hails upon a people. Besides its value as a wonderful piece of literature, NADIA: POLAND, reminds us that war, hatred and racism are the stuff of hell and that mankind would be wise to learn from its mistakes. If you like historical and thrilling WWII novels – with a true touch of romance, read NADIA: POLAND. It won’t disappoint you.

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change

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