IWIC Book Spotlight on Crosscurrents by William Beck



Whispered rumors of a lost treasure have existed since the gruesome death of Templar leader, Jacques de Molay, in March of1314. Deep beneath the soil of Nova Scotia’s Oak Island, a perplexing riddle awaits discovery as to what has been hidden from the eyes of the world for centuries. Can the lost treasure be tied to a secret order of monks, and the founding of the United States in its struggle for independence?
A perfect summer day greets patrons of the Black Opal restaurant, in Victoria, British Columbia. Overlooking the Inner Harbor, Bryson McGann, and Tori Haroldson are scouring the menu, waiting for NESSA’ s newest member, Jake Vonner, for a late morning breakfast. Suddenly, the expectant day is shattered by an assassin’s bullet. McGann and the others are nearly killed in the arising chaos. Did the murdered NCIS agent, Graham Martin, have time to reveal his urgent message to Ian Paice, a Cartharian monk? Soon after the event, McGann witnesses a man hurrying away from the Empress Hotel, just before a deadly explosion rips apart the building. Mayhem ensues as sirens wail in the streets and death takes its toll upon the serene seaside city. McGann begins unraveling the mysterious circumstances and follows Ian Paice’s trail to Jerusalem. Naval Intelligence and the CIA and have stepped in an effort to find the Algerian terrorist, Ali-Azir Bou-Zhamed, who is the master mind behind the recent events. A deadly race is on in the ancient tunnels beneath Jerusalem’s streets to stop the Algerian’s quest to ignite the Middle East in the ultimate conflagration.

Website: http://www.booksbybeck.com



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