IWIC Book Review: Damaged Waters: Shadows by Night, by Remy Blue


Book Review Damaged Waters Shadows by Night

Damaged Waters: Shadows by Night, by Remy Blue, is a story that follows the bizzare happenings in a small town in Maine, where the protagonist, David Cummings, suddenly finds himself pitted against a demoness, a banshee, who forces him into a pact. David is obliged to do things he would never consider, horrible things, and meanwhile, as his life spins out of control, he falls in love with a woman who becomes the counter-balance, the one thing that prevents him from going completely over the edge. The book has a lot of descriptive imagery, and and it follows an interesting plot-line (no spoilers), as this small town suddenly finds itself caught in a maelstrom of murder and intrigue, none of which makes any sense, except to David himself. The author puts an imaginative spin on this story, generously spiced with fantasy, horror, eroticism and the paranormal. The composition and constant switching in tense, could stand an edit, as there are times when it lacks fluidity and this distracts the reader, but if one can see past this aspect, there is still a story there to be enjoyed – and because of this we gave it a three star rating.



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