IWIC book review of How to Survive a Dead End Job by Wilson Jackson




How to Survive a Dead End Job, by Wilson Jackson, is a gritty self-help book, one that pulls absolutely no punches and delivers a strong message when it comes to succeeding in the work-place and in a career. Based on his own experience and insights working in jobs, Wilson provides a down-to-earth narrative, sometimes a little rough in terms of its speech and grammatical propriety, and sometimes repeating himself, but if one reads through the book there is wisdom there – wisdom garnered from a lifetime of working jobs. How to Survive a Dead End Job provides simple and practical basics for surviving the workplace, how to plan for the future, how to save and how to navigate through an ocean which has its share of what he calls the dead-end personality – people without goals or motivation, who are happy to stay in the rut and who will happily tear you down and crush your dreams of ever advancing further in life. The content is solid – the advice is practical, and had it not been for the poor editing quality of the book we would have given it a higher rating. How to Survive a Dead End Job is a functional manual, something which can be handed off to anyone starting off in the working world and especially if they want to avoid getting caught in the rut of dead-end jobs.

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change