IWIC Book spotlight on How to Survive a Dead End Job by Wilson Jackson




In HOW TO SURVIVE A DEAD END JOB, the author, Wilson Jackson, provides an insightful read into his real-life experiences in the working world, a self-help book about how to increase one’s chances at success in the work-place, at one’s career and in life.

How to Survive a Dead End Job talks to those who believe they are stuck in a job and career that is leading them nowhere. To help motivate, by example and experience, as to how to better one’s lot in life.  How to Survive a Dead End Job provides hope and encouragement that one does not have to remain in the rut, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that through perseverance one can get there and achieve one’s dreams.

Wilson Jackson is the author of THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT: HERE THERE BE MONSTERS He has written and produced a short comedy film SCENT OF SEX for the 2000 Hollywood Film Festival. In 2001 and 2008 he placed in the top 100 twice out of 19,000 and 17,000 participants in the Writer’s Digest TV/MOVIE writing competition. Johnson C. Smith University alumnus. He lives in North Carolina.







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